This is a list of Quests you will be given once you use the Island Vaction Portal to enter the Sandy Forest. You will find the Island Vacation Portal in the Dark Forest at Phase 3 of the Animals Wanna Have Fun quest.

The primary purpose of these Quests appears to be to help you to run out of Axes as fast as possible. But the maddening part is that they compounds the Bottlenecks of Wild Honey, Quarry Stone, Planks and Dew Drops by requiring copious quantities of these Special Items without providing any new means of generating them. For instance, no Clutter accumulates here for you to clear.

Recommendation: Enter the Island Vacation Portal to get the reward for freeing the Helper, but never lay a single Axe to the Sandy Forest until much, much later in the game, when you start running out of options on the main map.

Caveat: You cannot move Helpers between maps. So the only way to get more Helpers in the Sandy Forest is to buy them, unless they show up in later Quests.

Sandy Forest QuestsEdit

  1. Animals Wanna Have Fun
  2. Message in a Bottle
  3. Going on Surfari
  4. Summer Sojourn
  5. Springboat Market
  6. Sandtastic Sculptures
  7. Brightwood Armada
  8. Beach Clubhouse
  9. Beach Boardwalk
  10. Sun Sport
  11. Holstein Hula