The Inventory is a menu feature that stores and keeps track of how many Special Items have been collected. It also allows most Houses, Decor items and Buildings to be stored in one of a limited number of slots.

The Inventory system is divided into two categories, one also called "Inventory", the other for Special Items.

Special Items Edit


This part of the Inventory lists every Special Item collected, as well as showing the maximum number that can be stored.

Inventory Edit


This part of the Inventory provides a series of Slots where items from the village can be stored. Initially the player is limited to three inventory slots, however more can be purchased using Gold.

The majority of Houses, Buildings and Decor items can be moved to the Inventory using the Move menu function. If multiple items of the same type are stored there they will stack in the same inventory slot.

Items can be retrieved from the Inventory and placed back in the Village, or they can be sold directly from the Inventory for a percentage of their value.